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L.K. Machinery Corp. is located in the heart of Taiwan's Machine Tool's Industry, central Taiwan, Taichung.

L.K. Machinery Corp. is a daughter company of the L.K. Technology Limited along with other L.K. sister companies known as the "L.K. Group".
L.K. Machinery is responsible for the business and development related to CNC Machining Center products.

L.K. Group is amongst the world’s largest Machine Tool Suppliers with state of the art facilities and equipment to build high quality products to meet our customer's needs and help our valued customers to achieve competence and increase their profit. With 38 years of experience, L.K. Group has abundant resources and know-how, with rich experience in working with big global brands.

We are proud to attest that L.K. has now been present in the market for over 38 years, and that we will continue to improve and maintain our advantage as well as continue to serve our customers for the next 38 years.

Today you'll find the respected L.K. name associated with: parts for auto, mobile phones, video cameras, electrical tools, toys, telecommunications equipment, computers & related equipment, consumer electronics, and household products. The products produced by L.K.'s machines play an important part in our daily lives.


Today, L.K. CNC machinery production plants span over 100,000 square meters. In the near future we will extend our production plants to reach 10 square kilometers and become one of the world’s largest production centers with production capacity of 10,000 units per month.

L.K. Technology is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of die-casting machines, plastic injection molding machines & CNC machines. Founded in 1979, L.K. is now the largest die-casting machine manufacturer in the world. To further expand its footprint, L.K. acquired one of the world's leading die-casting machine manufacturers, Idra, in 2008. The acquisition will certainly build synergies between L.K. and Idra, and enable the Group to further enlarge its international market share. As a well-respected leader in die-casting industry, L.K. has received awards as: “China Top Brand”, “Hong Kong Top Brand” and “Machine 500 China”.

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