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Vertical CNC Machining Center

- Machining all kinds of mechanical/ assembly parts
- 4/5th Axes rotary table suitable for machining parts
- For varied & big quantity parts


l Stable Structure
l High Rigid Frame design with stable base
l Low Deflection Under Heat
l Servo Motor Transmission
l Tool Control
l High Speed Transmission System
l High Performance Spindle


Specification VM-2
Rapid Travel (X/Y/Z) (m/min) 36/36/24
X axis travel 800
Y axis travel 500
Z axis travel 520
Distance from spindle center to table (mm) 100-620
Spindle Speed (rpm) Belt 8000
Spindle Nose BT#40
Spindle Motor (kw)
( Cont./30 min.)
Table Size (mm) 900 x 500
T -slot size
( Widthx No.x Pitch) (mm)
Max table capacity (kgs) 1000
Rapid travel (X/Y/Z) (m/min) 36/36/24
Cutting Speed Rate (m/min) 1-20
X/Y/Z Feed Motor (kw) 2/2/3
Tool Change Type Arm
Tool Capacity 24
Max Tool Weight (kg) 7
Max Tool Length Distance (mm) 300
Max tool diameter (mm) 75
Tool Change time(T-T) (sec) 2.5
Tool Change time(C-C) (sec) 3.5
Compress Air Supply (kg) 6
Machine Size (mm) 2802 x 2682 x 2549
Net weight (kg) 4700
Standard equipment Optional equipment
Mitsubishi M80/15’’ touchable LCD Screen Tool holder
Belt driven spindle 8000rpm Tool Storage
Arm type 24 tools Chip conveyor
Spindle air seal Spindle Oil Cooler
Automatic Oil lubrication Fanuc OiMF
Side flush system Siemens 828D
Ball type linear guideway for (VM1-VM3)
Roller Linear Guideway for(VM4-VM6)
3 axes rapid travel 48/48/36
Rear chip auger for (VM1-VM3)
Front chip lift auger(Srew Type) for(VM4-VM6)
DDS 10000/12000rpm
  Spindle Motor 7.5/11kw, 15000 rpm
  Spindle Motor 15/18.5kw, 8000/10000 rpm