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With over 4,000 L.K. machine's working for the world’s largest leading electronic brands such as Pegatron, Apple, Motorola, HTC, and more, field tested and working 24/7, quality remains at its most stringent standards and conditions. Machine down time is at its lowest tolerance!


CMM Measuring Facility  

L.K. quality, already in the palm of your hands.
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L.K. Group has world-class machining capability and manufacturing quality assurance system. The Group has heavily invested in Japan Komatsu iso-ionic cutting machines, Japan Komatsu CNC bending machines, Hitachi CNC lathe, Japan Okuma machining center, Toshiba fully closed-loop machining centers and a wide range of most advanced intelligent CNC machining equipment. Each and every one of these sophisticated machines comes with a guarantee for high quality and high efficiency.

Quality Control Team
High level talents are a fundamental guarantee for a comprehensive quality management system. Through over 20 years of talent cultivation, L.K. Group has trained a professional quality control team who conduct quality inspections, physical and chemical property tests, and statistical quality analysis.

Each member of our team comes from university or college or has extensive experience in the field of machining industry. They have outstanding knowledge combined with extensive working experience.

Inspection Standards
L.K. Group conducts quality inspection in accordance to the national standards and technical requirements. The incoming casting parts are inspected according to the national standards GB/T6414-84. The machined casting part is inspected according to the national standard GB/T11350-89. Linear dimensions are inspected according to the national standard GB/T1804-92. Material dimensions are inspected according to the national standard Q/LKB 0320-2001 and hardened steel parts are inspected according to the national standard GB-704-88. L.K. Group’s inspection system includes both 100% inspection and sampling inspection. The final product quality is completely controlled through on-progress quality inspection that fully meets the rigorous industry standards.
Inspection Instruments
Sophisticated inspection instruments provide a solid foundation for rigorous quality control. The L.K. Group is fully equipped with three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines, X-ray spectrometer, optical microscope, Vickers hardness tester, universal material tester, digital ultrasonic crack tester, view measuring microscope, and more. L.K. Group’s top dynamic material laboratory ensures total quality control and management for raw materials, parts, and machines.
Quality Management
L.K.'s quality assurance system is conducted according to ISO standard. In 1997, L.K. implemented ISO 9001:1994 quality management system. In 2002, L.K. implemented ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. In 2014, L.K. implemented ISO 14001:2004 quality management system.